Book Voyage: July 2017 Unboxing


The Littlest Library un-boxes a July surprise from my new favourite subscription service, Book Voyage.

If you haven't heard of Book Voyage, you're missing out. Everyone loves a good subscription box, but few beat the excitement and novetly of this novel addition to the market. (Disclaimer: all terrible puns are wholly intentional). This box was made for book lovers, and travel-addicts alike. If you're full of wanderlust, and looking for both wordy and worldly additions to your own little library, look no further. Every month, Book Voyage takes you on a journey through a new, and exciting country. I fully believe in the importance of diversifying your bookshelf, and this is such an easy way to do that. 

The team at Book Voyage hand picks a new book every month that is well-loved among the local community of its chosen country. Previous examples have been novels by José Saramago, for Portugal, André Brink, for South Africa, and Kahil Gibran, for Lebanon. You'll never get the same country again, and the novels picked are unique enough that you probably won't already have it on your shelf. But that's not all. In your box, you also get a handful of treats; specially chosen to fit in with the same theme of the rest of your exciting delivery. 

Still not convinced? I know, picking books is hard, and it's even harder to trust someone else to pick one for you. That's why I'm going to show you exactly what I got in my July box, so that you can share the excitement with me, and hopefully discover a new monthly treat. 

Obviously, if you are already subscribed to Book Voyage, and haven't yet received your box - major spoilers ahead. Close your eyes, and turn away now. And if everyone else is ready to go, we'll get straight in to it. 

This month's chosen country was Scotland, and I couldn't be more excited. It felt especially thematic, as I'll be visiting Edinburgh for the first time next month to attend the annual international literature festival. I also share a fair bit of Scottish blood, so I was definitely proud to see such a gorgeous and unique country represented. It came with a book by Ian Rankin, one of Scotland's most prolific writers, some Shortbread and a couple of adorable treats from the Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company.

Quite possibly my favourite part of the box though, is the absolutely adorable bookmark. Look at that cute little cow!!! The Book Voyage bookmarks are collectible, and you receive one every month. I can't wait to start growing my collection. I never have one around when I need it, and I think this is the perfect excuse to stop folding over my pages. The book is Ian Rankin's 'Hide and Seek'.

"At night the summer sky stays light over Edinburgh. But in a shadowy, crumbling housing development, a junkie lies dead of an overdose, his bruised body surrounded by signs of Satanic worship. John Rebus could call the death and accident--but won't. Instead, he tracks down a violent-tempered young woman who knew the dead boy and heard him cry out his terrifyng last words: "Hide! Hide!" Now, with the help of a bright, conflicted young detective, Rebus is following the girl through a brutal world of bad deals, bad dope and bad company. From a beautiful city's darkest side to the private sanctums of the upper crust, Rebus is seeking the perfect hiding place for a killer."

I also love that it comes with a little postcard, explaining exactly why everything in the box was chosen, and why the items are so significant to this month's country.

I couldn't be happier with my book, either. Would I ever have picked it up of my own accord? Not at all. But I've always had a guilty pleasure for crime novels, and I think it'll be super fun to immerse myself in something less literary. I think I might save it for the 3 hour train journey up there, in August!

I'm already looking forward to next month's box. Next month, I'm hoping to get an awesome book from a non-English speaking, female author, as August is Women in Translation Month. I can't wait to see what they pick.